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GRC is a technique of constructing precast and reinforced concrete panels and pieces with a concentration of between 1.5 and 5% of the total weight of the alkali resistant (AR) fiberglass mixture.

This construction system allows the thickness of the prefabricated panels to be reduced by up to 70% with very high strengths.

In addition to making it possible to manufacture high-quality decorative pieces, it makes it possible to lighten the structures in buildings, speeding up building construction times by up to 30%, in addition to significantly increasing their resistance to earthquakes.


GRC panels can be built in two different ways:

  • PREMIX (premixed, cast): This type of GRC is produced by mixing sand, cement, chemical additives, water, and pre-cut AR fiberglass in a mixer. The mixture is then poured into a mold. This pouring can be done directly from the mixing container or it can be projected with the help of a hose controlled by the operator.

GRC POWER SPRAYS Automated Mixer

Direct pour

Flow Controlled Hose for PREMIX

A typical ingredient dosage for PREMIX may be:

  • CEMENT 25kg
  • SAND 25kg
  • FLOWAID SCC 0.18 – 0.31L (Self-compacting Additive)
  • WATER 8 – 9L
  • CUT FIBER 0.9 – 1.50kg (1.50-2.50%)

SPRAYING: It is carried out with a spraying gun with a built-in fiber cutter that feeds on AR fiberglass spools. The gun mixes the cut fiber with the cementitious mixture and projects it on the mold that does not have to have any flat face. (Example: a simulated rock and hollow inside with all uneven surfaces or a wavy wall)

GRC POWER SPRAYS projection station

Spray Gun and Fiber Cutter

A typical dosage of ingredients for PROJECTED may be:

  • CEMENT 25kg
  • SAND 25kg
  • POLYCURE FT 2,5kg (Curing Additive)
  • FLOWAID FT 0.125L (Superplasticizer Additive)
  • WATER 6,5 – 7L
  • ROLL FIBER 3,1kg (5% of total weight)

Sprayed GRC is stronger than Premixed GRC because it allows more fiber to be added, uses longer fibers and less water. However pre-mixed GRC is easier to produce.

While the properties may be different, the differences are perfectly tolerable in design.

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